WA Bentz Showreel


At Launch Pad, we embarked on an exhilarating journey with WA Bentz Construction, a distinguished high-end home construction company specializing in crafting custom waterfront homes in South Florida’s most sought-after areas such as Palm Beach and Miami. Leveraging the dynamic combination of traditional videography and captivating drone footage, we meticulously produced a captivating showreel and an engaging company explainer video. Through this seamless blend of visual mediums, we captured the essence of WA Bentz Construction’s craftsmanship, showcasing the luxurious design, attention to detail, and breathtaking waterfront landscapes that grace each project. Our collaborative approach ensured that every frame not only reflected the brand’s sophistication but also communicated the distinctiveness of each property. The result is a stunning showcase that not only showcases WA Bentz Construction’s mastery but also embodies the allure of coastal living at its finest.

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